Friday, 27 March 2009

Looking back

It's Friday!
I am celebrating today for it brings me back to the moment and space where my tension lays. I am relaxed after a full day of teaching my kids. There were many moments of tension and relaxation today. For example, I was on edge when in the beginning of my first class the internet and the sound of widescreen TV wasn't working. I prepared half of my lesson to be done using that unreliable facilities. Hence, I had to use my body and hand puppets to proceed the lesson. I was quite busy to follow my lesson as I had planned, yet I was really having a lot of fun singing and clapping with 1st graders...oh how sweet are thee...i love to see them smile and shout 'one more time' after a song. My face was flushed after running around with them, my palms were red after clapping with them for an hour, but nothing can replace that experience. Today, I feel the strong contrast of tension and relaxation.. Like a petit version of life...

The illustration I've done for a book seems to work with this topic (without the title on it);) 

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