Thursday, 23 April 2009

...i'm glad that today's classes were not so incorrigible. it's now been a month teaching, and i'm getting the hang of it. i don't need to be brooding over how i am going to plan the lesson anymore. not only that, i was fervently wishing that they were enjoying the class by being an entertainer myself. i think the box of starbucks double espresso and cream i just ordered is contributing by boosting my energy in the morning. however, i can't help the exalted desire for chocolate by the time my espresso eases off. i'm starting to think it's another lamentable attempt to satisfy the unquenchable thirst. 

well, the thing is in the end, it's important to work harder on myself than on my work. this thinking will expand my full potential and go beyond what others are expecting me to do. so, let's enjoy it, love the sweet little things that everyday brings me, and keep it up ;)

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