Thursday, 9 April 2009

Après my first dance

my whole body's aching with pain i got from my first dance class. the pain is not something super pleasant or something i wish to ensue for the next few weeks but it definitely gives me more sense of self. it's the kind of pain that i sometimes indulge to see what i'm made of, what i'm capable of. i have done some belly dancing, yoga, swimming for fun, but this time i don't wish to just partake in a class, i would like to see myself on stage performing, hopefully in a few years time. hence, the stretched muscles and bruised knees and elbows are not only reserved as significant markers of the new resolution but they are wildly tolerated. just enjoy it. it's what i want to do!

other than that, or because of that, i was feeling quite exausted during the day when teaching. the warm breeze of the spring and blowing curtains by the window makes me daydream with my eyes half closed. the falling cherry blossom that looks like white snow makes me unable to hear what other people are saying. my senses are electrified each moment, i'm hungry like a wandering bear in the forest, the relentless thirst for the cloudless blue sky, a whiff of soft pastel spring, the moment so captivating it feels it'll last forever. happy as i am.

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