Friday, 29 May 2009


I encountered mochiCREAM for the first time in my life today. It was magnificent. I've already developed my love for mochi so I thought it would be something like mochi but with different fillings. It was beyond my expectation. After a bite into a pretty ball of powdered chewy sticky rice, you can feel the icy cold but amazingly smooth sweet cream filling that exudes the flavor of your choice. My first two choices were Green Tea and Honey Cranberry. They had totally different texture and combinations of taste but they were good enough to instantly lift me up to heaven. I'd say I loved Honey Cranberry more just because it was sour and sweet rather than bitter and sweet which Green Tea was.

I anticipate this activity of visiting mochiCREAM at Lotte Department store would be one of my weekend rituals. It's just too pretty to look at anyways!

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  1. so lucky that you can have this all the time. no mochi cream in Van ?!?!


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