Saturday, 5 September 2009

Today, I will write something

Hello Good Saturday evening.

I haven't been blogging for god knows how long..
A lot of things has been happening in my life, so much so that whatever I try to put into words this moment will only be a little snippet of the whole story.
The truth is that I feel lighter and my life is simpler than two weeks ago and,
I feel more blessed nowadays than before.
I believe that things happen for an incredibly good reason and I know I have to hold onto that belief of mine no matter what.

But, when I miss something/ someone terribly, does that mean I have followed my brain instead of my heart? What will make things/my life easier/ just missing it terribly, or missing it terribly and letting it be known to the object that's being missed.

I would like to believe that I am moving forward slowly but surely after every dream. Every thought comes after every dream and make me think maybe it's nicer not to be awake from every dream..
Have a nice evening,

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