Saturday, 13 November 2010

M is for Madeleine

My Baking Project #5: Madeleine. DONE.

I've been looking forward to making madeleins for a couple of months. Today morning, I woke up earlier than usual- since it's Sunday and since I didn't want to stay in bed, I thought what's a better way to start my Sunday than baking! Right away, I went over the recipe which I've been going over more than fifty times until then. Before I knew it, I was whipping the eggs and sugar very vigorously. It was almost a way to work out my biceps. I'm sure I'll have some pain in my upper back and shoulders tomorrow morning. That being said, I was expecting the mixture to rise triple in volume, just like what my note said it's supposed to be. No triple rise in sight, I kept proceeding anyways with my other ingredients. Except for the part where I was required to be powerful, everything was really easy. After getting my first half dozen out of the grill stove, not an oven, I was thrilled to see these beautiful madeleines.... whoever said that heaven is a place on earth, I agree with you. This will be my Sunday ritual for sure. My question is.. how do I get rid of those bubbles? I think the more flour I put the less bubbles there are. But I prefer half the flour of what the recipe says.

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