Sunday, 13 March 2011

After the quake

Finally I am back home from the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear combo trip to Tokyo. Of course I didn't plan it to happen and I didn't know if I could get out alive. It was a moment to experience the power of nature. The trip almost - but didn't- costed my life. I think the way I look at the world has completely changed. I will always remember that Today is the day I once wished I could have. Not everyone has a previlege of having Today. Today is not just given. It is not happening just by luck. It is something that you make and build, day by day. If today is your last day, what would you do? Would you be ready to face it? Natural disasters happen in so many places all over the world. It is sometimes unavoidable. Standing on the earth that was waving like rubber, completely powerless, I know that it is the things that money can't buy that I need to spend more time on. So I am alive and escaped the unpredictable earthquakes and nuclear leak in the air. What is it that I cannot do when I am dead that I can do when I'm alive? Nature, smiles, loving hearts are things you can't buy with money. Those are more than often more powerful than things that money can buy.

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