Sunday, 29 May 2011

1700's Drawings

I got these two beautiful drawings done by two of the most famous artists in 1700's. The 미인도 or Portrait of a Beauty is by Shin Yoon Bok from Joseon Dynasty.

While Shin Yoon Bok was a student of Kim Hong Do whose drawing is the second one where the cat is surprised by the butterfly, Shin Yoon Bok was better in depicting female figures and naturally became more known for eroticism. In 미인도, the shortened jeogori (the upper garment of Hanbok) with tightened sleeves, the white Beoseon (socks) peeking out under the full skirt, and the two orange waist belt bands left untied are the details not to be missed. Kim Hong Do, also known as Danwon, is one of Joseon's three greatest painters, together with Hyewon (Shin Yoon Bok) and Owon. The 'Hwangmyonongjeopdo' which can be translated to ' A yellow cat teasing a butterfly' has this chubby beautiful cat that looks up at the butterfly. The eye of the cat is witty and it almost looks like it's doing a little dancing. It was a great 득템. :))


  1. hello,
    I have been desperately trying to find a copy or perhaps poster of the first painting "portrait of a beauty" by Shin Yoon Bok. Have you any idea how I would be able to obtain one?

  2. Hi,
    I did a little search and it seems like it is at Gansong Gallery in Seoul. That is where I got this copy from :)


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