Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pierre Gagnaire...

Visited Pierre Gagnaire at Lotte Hotel while Mr. Gagnaire himself was here. He was checking out while we were eating but disappeared when we tried to take a picture with him. So this time, a picture with his picture will do. :)

Started with Champagne Rose
Tartare de boeuf 9 Conduit Street.
Pomme de terre fondante au laurier.
Oeufs de caille pochés.
Soupe d’été.

Bouillabaisse de rouget aux moules.
Aïoli traditionnel, légumes vapeur et tapenade.
Toast de purée d’ail.

Café gourmand with what I call a 'pink mushroom' dessert. Absolutely sexy.

It simply was THE best gastronomic experience by far and it's worth every penny. This was a eating experience that took me to some place else. Although this was a tad expensive meal, would love to come back for more! <3

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