Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Secret of the Joseon Portraits

태조 이성계 어진
Taejo of Joseon was the founder and the first king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and the main figure in overthrowing the Goryeo Dynasty. He was posthumously raised to the rank of Emperor in 1899 by Gojong, the Gwangmu Emperor, who had proclaimed the Korean Empire in 1897. -wikipedia

계월향 초상 논개, Nongae

The fortress of Jinju was occupied by the Japanese during the Seven Year War, after a long battle in which Nongae's lover Choe Gyeong-hoe was slain. Nongae was called to entertain the victorious Japanese generals at the Chokseongnu Pavilion which overlooks the Nam River. She led the general Keyamura Rokusuke (毛谷村六助) to the cliff, embraced him and cast herself into the river, killing them both. -wikipedia
Tokugawa Ieyasu


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