Friday, 30 December 2011


I'm currently obsessed with and addicted to DAVIDs TEA.
It's the best tea shop ever!! It's everywhere across Canada and only in NY, in the States.
My favourite categories are Rooibos, Pu'erh, and Black Tea.
Their 'Pu'erh Ginger Tea' is an instant cure for mood swings and signs of cold.
Once you get in, it's hard to leave without getting a pack of 50 g tea which is only about $6.50 CAD. I'm going to try Chocolate Chilli Chai, Cheeky Lychee from Black Tea and Organic Creme de Menthe from Pu'erh Tea, Coco Chai Rooibos, Rooibos de Provence...
Oy oy oy!! So much to try!!

'Oh, Canada' Rooibos Tea with honeybush, caramel, toffee bits, maple syrup and maple leaf candies

'Snow Bunny' with a slice of banana, toasty walnuts, calendula petals

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