Tuesday, 17 March 2009

in dilemma..

I don't know what it is that you have in store for me.. but I know that it is something incredibly worth waiting for. I remember somebody saying that maturity is knowing when to give someone what they deserve. Yes, I really think sometimes I get things for granted from people I love, I may have let out sound of noise rather than the words of fragrance which they deserve, I may have let people who have hurt my feelings just get by. Knowing and giving what myself and others deserve lies in delicate attention. If I am too busy thinking  about myself and where I am going, i can easily miss those moments to appreciate myself and others. Life is short. Let your voice of sweet fragrance be heard for your voice is one sound of your own that no one else can produce, let the look of kind affection be wide opened to travel to others minds for that one look of affection and kindness can say so much about you, let your body ensue an elegant and graceful composure for your body is one incredible container that contains your amazing history, thoughts, existence. After changing my view toward the world, myself, my relationship with others this way, I feel i am no longer tarnished by a dilemma  

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