Saturday, 14 March 2009

My first Blog

why having a blog is a good idea.

1. As a 25 yr-old girl with a dual life (for those of you wondering what that means, let me assure you, I will slowly but surely let it slip out as the experience is not too ordinary), I feel the need of having a safe outlet that lets me express myself completely. I do not know yet how much I will be revealing myself on this glaring screen with my toddling fingers, but I am willing to reveal as much as I possibly can and hope my habitual inhibition allows it. 

2. Starting a new life in Korea with a new job and new place, is a lot more work than I thought. Although I am excited about getting out of the financially dormant period in my mid-20's, I have been down in the dumps for the first two weeks since my arrival. I feel that blogging is a good place to organize my thoughts thus to better assimilate myself when I feel I'm at my wits' end!

3. Another decadent pursuit ;)

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