Saturday, 14 March 2009

j'adore, MaDame

Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame

Despite my incessant indulgence in fragrance collection, I had not yet found my one and only scent for myself until MaDame, which I got as a present, came along. À première whiff, I knew I had found THE signature perfume of mine. At first it was a whiff of charisma coming from musk and zest of orange, but as the scent of the perfume settled down, the sweetness of vanilla and fresh floral notes, unbelievably glamorous and feminine in every swing.

MaDame is described as having the following fragrance notes:

Top Notes of Orange Zest, and Granadine
Heart Notes of Fresh Rose velvet and sweet floral tones
Base Notes of Cedar and Musk

If you are one of those with a keen nose and haven't tried this, don't miss out on this one absolutely delectable fragrance!

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  1. What a yummy description...i will have to sample it for myself!


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