Sunday, 6 February 2011

Personal Library

Excited to discover an amazing website of prints called 20x200. This 'Ideal Bookshelf 102' series rocks and is perfect for my thought about keeping a bookshelf. A few days ago, one of my acquaintance, not very close, said 'Why do you buy the books you will read once? I usually borrow my friend's books because there's always someone who has the bestsellers.' I totally lost words at this comment because I've never thought of waiting for my friends to read something good before I did. If I ever confront a comment somewhere along that line again, I'd like to say that.... the 'collection' of books are not just there to be seen and to prove that you are a color conscious/horrible organizer. It is the personal 'museum' that reflects the journey of your intellectual life. The intellectual chronicle deserves as much value as the act of reading itself, dude.

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