Sunday, 6 February 2011


Thanks to Sam Gosling, now when I think of my 'special furnishing' I like, I ask myself why I like them and I can't take 'I just like them' for an answer. To excercise 'the psychological roots of [my] architectural preferences', I'm taking a stool as an example. I've always been fond of stools. Not neccessarily in bars or restaurants because then I am in an inevitable position to stare at the bartender or a chef in a sushi restaurant, unless I am fascinated by what they are doing. But when I'm with a friend, I wouldn't go for a stool unless there's no other seats. So here my liking of stools are limited to a house furnishing.

Elle Deco

Barstools from M-Geough

Thinking about stools made me realize that I especially like the ones that allow me to swing my legs like a kid. I also like it when they are in the kitchen because I can watch and talk to someone who's cooking. When swinging my legs without being able to touch the ground, it feels vulnerable in a way but I feel more playful. So what happened in my early experience?
I guess it's more like what didn't happen at the playground in swing and having been a lucky child that didn't fall from a tall chair but kicked and stretched my legs hard in hopes of
growing tall...

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