Thursday, 28 April 2011

Book covers

The Great Food Series from Penguin, drawn by Coralie Bickford- Smith.
She talks about the inspiration behind her book covers in Fast Company:

“I want these books to be cherished like the literature inside,” says Bickford-Smith of her obsessive attention to detail. “If something is well considered, it will entice. People want to explore it, feel it. That design shines through and connects.”

Of course, and this is how she came up with these Great Food covers.

For Great Food, which launches later this year, Bickford-Smith's covers feature ceramics that correspond to each book's time period. An image of this bowl was inspiration for the cover of Love in a Dish and Other Pieces, by M.F.K. Fisher, and Bickford-Smith later tracked down the real thing for her own collection. "It was lots of Internet searching. I think I paid more for postage than I did for the actual bowl."

I think she's amazing and I plan to take a peek at the Q & A with Coralie from 2009. here.

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