Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chanel Spring 2012

As my ambivalence about philistines continue to pervade in my personal and social life, I still believe it gauche for someone to take brand values for the purpose of vaunting one's status without sensible appreciation for the value of fastidious craftsmanship and intransigent quality the designer divulge in his or her denouement. I do not however demur apotheosis of luxury brands as some are veraciously worthy of accolades, making a word 'luxury' an understatement. In this case with Chanel, other than exorbitant prices being the only encumbrance, I can be as regaled and amazed as I can be just by looking at this beautiful collection for coming Spring. Its insouciance as a result of such a precise execution resembles the limpidity of water and brings me a waft of warm air... To the seemingly imminent arrival of winter, I supplicate thee to be mollified by these pastel colors, if at all possible. :)

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