Saturday, 3 December 2011

First week with Simba

It's about time to update my blog... I've been super busy with resuming my life here in BC. Now I feel like settling in with a new job offer. It's hard to believe I got a job within a week. I hope it's not so challenging and hope I can enjoy the work even though my interviewers kind of warned me that many people had quit after two months... Anyhow, all the worries aside, I have been getting lots of fresh air while walking with and throwing balls to Simba. He is a good dog but loves a ball wayyyyy tooo much which tests my patience when I try to get the ball out of his mouth. I need some advice on how to get a ball out of a doggie's mouth! Sometimes grass looks greener on the other side but I realize that I have learned to consciously remind myself that grass is greener and the sky is bluer on my side. I am grateful...:)

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